August 2021

August 2021

If you’re anything like my friends and I, you’ve probably caught yourself saying “this year is flying by!”

I know, cue the facepalm.

It’s true though. After a year of doing virtually nothing, our work schedules and social calendars are jam-packed. I participated in my first Olympic-distance triathlon which included a mile swim in the Tennessee River, a 25-mile bike ride and six mile run. I took a week of vacation and then returned to Knoxville for the start of high school football season. Mixed in was back to school, general features and gun violence coverage.

A big project I’ve been working on the last several months will publish very soon as well. As always, check out The Scruffy Stuff, a podcast I co-host and produce with Ryan Wilusz where we cover everything and anything under the Sunsphere.

Above are photos from the previous month for Knox News’ Elite 8, a collection of the area’s top high school football prospects.

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