May 2021

May 2021

May felt nothing like it did 365 days ago. I celebrated my 26th birthday with mask-less friends at a backyard BBQ and a round of mini-golf; both activities unheard of doing a year ago. It seems as though the pandemic is over, albeit a social one, and not a medical one. Infection, death and hospitalization rates in Knoxville have plummeted as vaccinations numbers continue to climb.

We stayed busy in the photo department covering the final round of proms and the start of graduations. It was a great joy to cover the Austin-East Magnet High School boys soccer team as they went on to win their first state championship title in soccer. A block party at the school welcomed the team back to Knoxville from Murfreesboro close to midnight. Music, cheers and silly string filled the air as the team carried the trophy from the bus. The heartwarming story was a much needed break after the community continues to mourn the loss of five students to gun violence this school year, including one shot by a police officer in a school bathroom.

Video – Brood X cicadas can be used in your next tasty meal:

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