December 2020

December 2020

It’s gonna be a year hard to forget.

Like everyone, I was excited to usher in the new decade. It began with great promise after covering the Gator Bowl win by the Tennessee Volunteers, completing several multimedia projects and launching the Scruffy Stuff podcast.

After two short months the entire world came to a halt, and so did my momentum into the 2020’s. My creativity slumped tremendously and my anxiety overwhelmed me. While I certainly grew as a photographer this past year, I grew far more as an individual. I learned how I react to different stress, how to lean on my support system and focus on wellbeing.

I did the best I could to the best of my ability in 2020. In retrospect, I could have done better with lockdown quarantine coverage and general coronavirus documentation. I am living through history, I keep reminding myself. However, this year I walk away with an understanding and appreciation for mental health. You must take care of yourself first. You cannot succeed in a distressed state of mind, no matter your profession.

Read my year in review story here!

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