October 2020

October 2020

It’s election season! I’ve never experienced a presidential election as a photojournalist. After covering several election cycles of various local and state races I’ve never seen such high voter turnout either, so it’s sort of a year of firsts. I also had the opportunity to photograph two Tennessee Volunteers football games as pool photographer. The Vols won the first game against Missouri, and lost the second to Kentucky, the first home loss to the Wildcats since 1984.

It’s also “spooky season,” a term I’ve never come across until I moved to Knoxville. Halloween trick-or-treating closed out the month along with some cooler temps which were welcome after the unbearably hot summer.

As always, check out The Scruffy Stuff, a Knox News podcast I co-host and produce with my buddy and co-worker Ryan Wilusz!

Xül Beer Company opens first downtown taproom video: https://uw-media.knoxnews.com/embed/video/6070374002?placement=snow-embed

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