September 2020

September 2020

We are in the midst of football season here in Knoxville, and the blazing hot summer is slowly transitioning into fall.

When I feel the cool, crisp air for the first time I am always transported back to my college days in Athens. Nothing compares to walking beneath a canopy of golden leaves hanging from ancient trees on College Green, or climbing the steep hills to get virtually anywhere in town. Change is in the air, and fall reminds us that life is a constant cycle and nothing is permanent. A lot like this pandemic, it feels like we’ve been living under social distancing and wearing face masks forever. Eventually, that too, will be behind us.

Check out The Scruffy Stuff, a podcast I co-host and produce with Ryan Wilusz for Knox News!

-Here is a fun video we did of a new underground karaoke bar in Knoxville!

-A ~spooky~ video of Dollywood’s LumiNights and Harvest Festival!

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