December 2018

December 2018

Besides a two week trip to the olde country (Germany), December felt like… December. With not much to see or do, I ran on some breaking news, visited a holiday light display or two and photographed Tennessee Volunteers basketball.

spac_4142555415_vols bball vs wakespac_4142555415_vols bballP-FrontPorchP-FrontPorchP-FrontPorchgenw_4142555415_thecovelightsKNS-KNS-barnes poyspnw_4142555415_kcsohurtkcso hurtspnw_4142555415_highspeedchaseTN-Exchange-Volunteer Helpedspft_4142555415_alcoacovingtonspft_4142555415_vols bballKNS-vols bball 1229etprgebirds


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trip backKNS-ladymurray-1229KNS-ladymurray-1229KNS-ladymurray-1229TN-Exchange-Volunteer Helpedworlds fairKNS-ladylocker-1228KNS-ladylocker-1228

cal 12-17239

Freunde Lena and Kimi in Wiesbaden


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