My Solar Eclipse Experience

My Solar Eclipse Experience

Week after week, day after day, literally hour to hour in the end, everything I heard about was the “Great American Eclipse” for nearly two months.

I was sent to Sweetwater, Tennessee, to cover their solar eclipse viewing party. This sleepy East Tennessee town of 6,000 was expecting an influx of over 50,000 visitors because it would experience nearly 2 minutes and thirty seconds of totality. That is an amazing duration of time. I was amped to be there and experience the craziness.

Guess what? Those 50,000 people never showed up. Try 5,000. The event turned out to be more of a county fair — with a casual eclipse occurring at 2:30pm. In the end I did not end up with many photos of eclipse viewers because I was also tasked with doing a 360 video and a timelapse.

Overall, this was a really underwhelming event. I worked the scene to death and tried my best to make something out of it. Since everyone has been asking me about how it went I thought I’d share some of my work here.

Click here for the 360 video from Sweetwater.





Fully loaded! D600 w/ 300 2.8 and a solar filter, D3S w/ 70-200, D3S w/ 17-55, Nikon KeyMission 360, GoPro Hero5. Maybe if I carried some more gear they will hire me 🙂

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