Foggy Mornings

Foggy Mornings

“You wake up when?!” people gasp when I tell them I regularly wake up at 5am.

I can remember becoming an early riser in sixth grade; waking up at 6:30 to watch Happy Days, The Brady Bunch and Sherlock Holmes on TV before going to school. If I missed my shows I felt like I had missed out on something, as if my morning was not complete without them.

Much like my childhood, today I still feel as though I would miss something if I dont wake up early. Seeing the sun rise and the city awaken is magical – the quiet, lonesome appreciation of silence and beauty radiates an aura I cannot grasp. Experiencing a full day, sunrise to sunset, makes me feel complete. Doing homework, shooting pictures, spending time with friends and running errands reflects what I believe is “living life to the fullest.” A guilty feeling looms over my head should I sleep in.

Most mornings nothing happens. I read, listen to music, do homework or browse the web. But when a dense heavy fog covers Athens at 5:30am I will know about it, and I will photograph it.



Self portrait

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