HallOUween 2016

HallOUween 2016

HallOUween in Athens never fails to impress me. For one evening thousands of people clad in costumes descend upon my college town, doubling its population, to make it the second biggest block party in the nation after Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

During my four years here I’ve seen many creative costumes ranging from super heroes, animals, video game characters, ghouls, and this year especially – politicians. With 2016 being an election year, I saw several humorous interpretations of Hillary Clinton as a criminal and Donald Trump’s hairdo.

People often ask me what the craziest costume or experience I’ve had is, and that is a difficult question to answer. Every year brings its own new twist and some costumes are so scandalous they barely register as shocking anymore. This year I witnessed a man pass out unconscious in front of me and fall to the ground. A group of people made a circle around him while others struggled to lift him up and carry him to safety. A photo of him being lifted up is included below.

Compared to the previous three years, this was by far the most uneventful and subdued block parties. Out of the four stage venues my freshman year only two remain and house parties on Mill Street were shut down before 9pm. An ever increasing heavy police presence further intimidated partiers not to act out. A constant flow of foot traffic up and down Court Street made crowd management easier, but there was no destination so people walked around aimlessly.



An unconscious man who fell to the ground is helped up by others and carried away.



A street sweeper cleans up Court Street around 5am.



A man stands in the middle of Court Street around 5am.


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