I discovered photojournalism in tenth grade after job shadowing the photographers at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The experience I had opened my eyes to a realm of photography I did not know existed and it encouraged me to pursue a career in sharing other peoples stories and be an eye for the rest of the world. Ever since then it has been a goal of mine to intern with the MJS.

After freshman year of college I did not think I was prepared for the MJS, and instead took an internship in Hutchinson, Kansas. Last summer I interned with the Naples Daily News in Naples, Florida, where I learned from some of the best photographers in the industry and had an amazing photo editor who pushed me to the fullest.

After three years of schooling, two internships and working for Ohio Athletics I think I’m ready. On Monday I begin my internship with the MJS and I could not be more excited to work with a team of very talented and experienced photographers and editors. I hope I can learn from the staff about how to improve my photography and provide the MJS and Milwaukee with great photos.

Here is a sorta lengthy list of photos from my three week “home-cation” since I’ve been back from school.


Beekeeper Dan O’Leary poses for a portrait near his beehives at his farm in East Troy, Wisconsin, on Monday, May 16, 2016. O’Leary has about 50 hives, each with a colony of 10,000-15,000 bees. O’Leary has been beekeeping for over 20 years and sells his honey wholesale locally and at farmers markets. (Calvin Mattheis | For the Journal Sentinel)


A bee flies around the hive as Beekeeper Dan O’Leary checks his beehives.


Beekeeper Dan O’Leary sets pine needles on fire in his smoker before going to check his beehives at his farm.


Beekeeper Dan O’Leary checks his beehives.


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